3 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Travel

Young Asian man walking with airport trolley and suitcase luggage in airport terminal

Millions of Americans travel each November and December to spend time with loved ones. And while there’s nothing like returning home for the holidays, doing so inevitably comes at a cost. If you’d rather not strain your budget too heavily, consider these tips for keeping your expenses to a minimum. 1. Don’t wait till the


Top Vacation Spots on a Budget


The U.S. dollar as been at record highs relative to other currencies in recent years, and although it doesn’t feel like it affects us on a day-to-day basis at work, take a trip to many locations abroad and you’ll find that it does! Let’s take a look at the most interesting travel venues that will


How To Surf On A Budget

I’m going to be honest: living in Maine, I think the few people who surf during the winter are crazy. But surfing, despite my personal opinions, is done both on the East and West coasts of the U.S. (and obviously other places around the world). Surfing is a fairly simple sport, at least when it comes


This Couple Converted an Old Fiat Minibus Into a Luxury Beach Hut on Wheels — and Are Living the Dream Traveling Through Europe on Just £15 a Day

This couple converted an old Fiat minibus into a luxury beach hut on wheels — and are living the dream travelling through Europe on just £15 a day

27-year-old Amy Butler and 33-year-old David Laws are living out their dream traveling around Europe in a converted luxury “beach bus” — and it’s only costing them £15 a day. The pair met in 2014 while living in Dubai, where Butler was working in oil and gas recruitment and Laws was a design technology teacher.