Life Insurance 101: Why and When You Need It

B2.4 Life Insurance Questions

Life insurance: It can be a daunting topic. Most people don’t particularly enjoy thinking about the worst-case scenarios where life insurance can really shine, but for a lot of folks — especially younger generations — the subject is also intimidating because it brings up a lot of questions. So, let’s review the basics of life


When Do You Need Life Insurance?

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Spoiler alert: Life insurance can feel like a bummer. In fact, it’s something you probably don’t think about often – it definitely isn’t something you’re going to bring up on your next date (please don’t). But life insurance is an important part of, well, life. Now you don’t have to go full-on adulting any time


Four Creative Uses for Your Life Insurance

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Life insurance isn’t something that many people like to talk about—because it brings to mind worst case scenarios. But did you know that life insurance has plenty of other uses aside from providing loved ones with income replacement after you pass away? This is especially true if you have a permanent life insurance policy. A


Which Employee Benefits Have the Best Value?

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Work satisfaction has taken a new form in last few decades, and according to Gallup’s annual State of the American Workplace report, 51% of workers are ready to leave their current jobs.  When it comes to finding the perfect position, employees want more than a competitive salary. Fractl, a content-marketing agency, conducted an employee-benefits survey that