Should You Lower Your Student Loan Payments? If So, How?

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There’s a lot of discussion in the media about the size of student loans. But what may be more important to people who have student loans is the size of the monthly payment. Should you lower your student loan payments, then? In most cases, that will make sense. But there are some situations where you


5 Priceless Personal Finance Tips for Millennials

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Since 2008, with the economic crisis hitting hard worldwide, many people have been struggling to make ends meet.  Nowadays, these battles await millennials who are faced with different and bigger challenges compared with the previous generation. One of them would definitely be dealing with their financial future; e.g., paying off college debt or becoming independent.


Change Your Savings Goals, Change Your Life

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Not everyone is a natural-born budgeter — and that’s okay! Saving every possible penny only for practical matters can be boring. After all, you have to treat yourself sometimes. Doing so in moderation can actually be healthy and may even be beneficial, say the experts. A Fun Goal = Motivation to Save “Saving for a fun