3 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Travel

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Millions of Americans travel each November and December to spend time with loved ones. And while there’s nothing like returning home for the holidays, doing so inevitably comes at a cost. If you’d rather not strain your budget too heavily, consider these tips for keeping your expenses to a minimum. 1. Don’t wait till the


Is a Debt-Free Life Possible? (The Answer Is: Yes!)

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Maxed out credit cards. Payday loans. Cash for titles.  Are these some terms you’re all too familiar with these days? If so, you’re like many Americans, dealing with a pile of debt that keeps getting bigger. It may not be the best feeling in the world, but believe this: your situation is not hopeless.  While


Here’s the Smartest Tax Move You Can Make in 2018

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There are plenty of tax deductions Americans can take advantage of, at least until a tax-reform bill passes. Many of these are quite lucrative. Just to name a few examples, the mortgage-interest deduction, charitable-contributions deduction, and state and local tax deduction are worth thousands of dollars each to many taxpayers. However, there is one tax