Introducing The Money Drill, USAA’s Podcast on Commanding Your Financial Future

We make money matters understandable — so you can give your money a mission.

USAA Stories presents a new podcast, “The Money Drill,” a series of simple financial advice tips from USAA experts, in fields as diverse as paying off debt, saving an emergency fund, and protecting your family, home and health—and much more.

Navigating financial hurdles can sometimes feel overwhelming. You may wonder, how can I pay off debt? What are the best ways to protect my bank accounts online? Why should I think about life insurance if I’m still in my 20s? What kinds of things should I be thinking about when I go to sign up for health insurance?

Your host is JJ Montanaro, a Certified Financial Planner™ at USAA. Montanaro has more than two decades of experience as a financial planner. He previously served in the U.S. Army, and in 2009 he retired as a lieutenant colonel in the United States Army Reserve.

Listen to episodes of The Money Drill:

Episode 1: How to Save $1,000 in 6 months

It can feel challenging to save a big chunk of change, but we’ve got five easy steps to help you get there.

Episode 2: The Best and Worst Times to Buy a Car

Learn why early in the week—and late in the day—can be great times for a good deal.

Episode 3: Financial Tips for Service Members

Eight smart money moves that can help service members get off to a solid financial start.

Episode 4: Safer in Cyberspace

Top tips to help protect your accounts and information.

Episode 5: Don’t Let Online Fraudsters Hook You With Phishing Scams

Fishing isn’t just what you do on the weekends. Phishing scams can strike on your computer in some pretty nefarious ways.

Episode 6: Does Your Health Care Plan Fit You?

Health insurance plans can seem like they’re written in a foreign language, but USAA experts can help translate the fine print.

Episode 7: Your Health and Wealth are Connected

Find out how your health and wealth are related — physically, emotionally and financially — and what to do if you end up with a big health insurance bill.

Episode 8: What You Need to Know About Health Care Open Enrollment

Find out what happens if you miss the enrollment window and whether you could qualify for a special enrollment period.

Episode 9: Setting the Record Straight on Life Insurance Questions

Find out how life insurance is the foundation of your financial home and why it’s so important to have that coverage.

Episode 10: Why You Should Get Covered Before You Lose Your Military Life Insurance

These tips could save you tens of thousands of dollars or help you if you’re seriously injured during your service.

Episode 11: Reasons Life Insurance Can Be a Game-Changer

Many people don’t want to think about life insurance so they avoid making the call. But, after discovering the benefits, members are happy they did it.

Episode 12: Don’t Wait to Decide on the New Military Retirement System

If you’re one of the many service members who are trying to compare the current military retirement system, High-3, and the new Blended Retirement System, then listen up.

Episode 13: Leaving the Military Comes with Decisions to Make

There are many things to consider when transitioning out of the military, but doing the math on your income and benefits is probably one of the biggest.

Episode 14: Self-Discipline Can Help Financially Maximize Your Military Life

Listen for their practical tips on how you can make smart, strategic decisions now that may make transitioning out of the military easier for you and your family.

Episode 15: Savings Goals and The Ultimate Game

Play along in this episode of The Money Drill to learn how you can put your money where your values are and start planning for retirement now — even if it seems a long way off.

Episode 16: YOLO So Make Your Money Work for You

USAA’s JJ Montanaro met up with Jason Vitug at the recent DigitalMilEx event, where they talked about grueling road trips and social taboos and argued the case for how money can buy happiness.

Episode 17: Military Benefits and Retirement

When it comes to the complex world of military benefits and retirement, where better to get advice than from a man who is hanging 10 and living the dream since retiring from a long career in the Navy.

Episode 18: Talking Transition — 2 Key Things You Need to Do Now

USAA’s JJ Montanaro talks with veteran Ron Fugle at the recent USAA DigitalMilEx event.

Episode 19: Even Money Pros Make Poor Financial Choices

Like a lot of people, Philip Taylor says he struggled to save money and manage it well.

Episode 20: Military Finance and Benefits Pro Gives Transition Tips

They say the time to plan for your transition is the day you enter the military.

Episode 21: How Coupons and Discounts Can Help You Budget and Save

When Josh Elledge set out to create a budget for his family and start saving money with coupons, he ended up saving more than $300 a month on groceries.

Episode 22: Direction Diva Says Make Yourself a Priority

Even as a life balance and business skills coach, Judy Davis admits she did not cope well when she first became a military spouse.

Episode 23: How to Put a Roof Over Your Head and Not Lose Your Shirt

Of all the stressors that military families face, home buying is perhaps one the greatest. Kate Horrell knows firsthand.

Episode 24: A Network Where Military Entrepreneurs Come Together

Like many entrepreneurs, Stephanie Brown saw a need and went to work.

Episode 25: ‘Stacking Benjamins’ Founder Talks Credit Cards

USAA member Joe Saul-Sehy was in military college when he signed up for a new credit card. It came with a free Frisbee or blanket, he can’t recall which, but also a poor credit score in the end.

Episode 26: Make It Your Goal to Be a Lean, Mean Financial Machine

In this episode, USAA’s JJ Montanaro talks with Ellie Kay, a personal finance guru and mother of seven, who blogs at Heroes at Home.

Episode 27: College Can Be Expensive, But Also Valuable —What You Need to Know Now

In this episode, USAA’s JJ Montanaro talks with Josh Andrews, an advice director at USAA and father of two who knows a thing or two about the rising cost of a college education.

Episode 28: Get Schooled On Your Military Education Benefits

 When it comes to college, the military offers many kinds of education benefits for both service members and their dependents.

 Episode 29: A Starter Course for First-Time Investors

So you’re ready to jump into the world of investing. That’s good news. First stop, make sure you are actually ready.

 Episode 30: Late to the Retirement Party? How (and Why) to Get Started Now

It’s never too late, according to Robert Steen, advice director at USAA.

 Episode 31: The Long and Short of Saving and Investing

In this episode of The Money Drill, USAA’s JJ Montanaro invites Mikel Van Cleve, an advice director at USAA, to describe the basic differences between saving and investing, and why it’s important to understand those differences when planning for your financial future.

 Episode 32: Where and How to Invest for Your Biggest Goals in Life

For people who are ready to get serious about investing, there are many options out there to consider.

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