Veterans Day Video Series: A Salute to Service

‘I Served’

Veterans are brought together by an oath and united by a common thread, whether they served two years, four years, 20 years or more. No matter how they served — in combat or not — they gave part of their lives for this country. Take a moment to recognize the ordinary people who volunteered their time so others can have a better quality of life.


A Lasting Camaraderie

These veterans found support and camaraderie with the American Legion Riders. The group helped them transition from military to civilian life, a process they say is one of the hardest things a military member will go through. They come from all five branches of the armed forces, but they’re united by a common thread.


Songwriting With Service

Darden Smith started the Songwriting With Soldiers program as a way to bring together professional singer-songwriters and service members to create songs about military experiences. Watch as these stories are put to music.


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