Strong Financial Foundation Helps Fiction Writer Chase His Dreams

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USAA member Weston Ochse is the author of more than 25 science fiction, military and horror books. His novel “SEAL Team 666,” about a military unit that battles supernatural foes, has been optioned for film with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as star and executive producer.


What’s the latest on the movie?

“The Rock” is still interested. I understand there’s a completed script and it’s in a holding pattern until he deals with some other projects. Trust me, this old boy who grew up in a trailer park in South Dakota never dreamed he’d have his work looked at by Hollywood, so for it to get this far is awesome.

What else are you working on right now? 

The thing I’m most proud of right now is “Grunt Life,” my military sci-fi series out with Solaris, because it specifically deals with post-traumatic stress disorder. All of my main characters in these books have PTSD. The chemical makeup of their brains makes them better able to fight the aliens that are invading the planet. So, on the surface, they’re action-oriented sci-fi books, but underneath, they’re about PTSD and how people deal with it.

What financial decisions enabled you to build a career as a novelist?

Staying in the Army to get that retirement paycheck was vital. That’s an income stream I can count on for the rest of my life, and to have that when I left at age 39 was an important thing. Additionally, one of the best financial decisions I made was to watch my expenditures. It can be tempting when you retire from the military to spend like you did when you were working full time.

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