Choose the Right Ride: Your Life is Changing; Your Needs are Different

By Deborah R. Huso

| Photographs By Darrell Hoemann

Like your other retirement plans, there’s no one right answer for the type of vehicle that makes the most sense. Still, it pays to buy smart.

With the average cost of car ownership hitting your wallet at $8,000 a year, decisions about what car you drive and how you maintain it translate to real money.

Ask yourself whether retirement will include long road trips, short jaunts around town or a mix — and whether you live in an area with public transit or senior transport options. You’ll also want to consider the cost for maintaining your current vehicle versus buying new.

Boost confidence in your decision with these buying tips from USAA.


Visit the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety at for its list of the safest vehicles. Use the USAA Car Buying Service to find the best car at the best price. Members have saved an average of $3,335 off MSRP with the service.


Guard against unplanned repair bills and save with USAA’s extended vehicle protection plan.


A sport or luxury car can be tempting but pricey. Consider owning something less flashy and renting your dream car for weekend getaways. Car rental discounts are offered for USAA members.


Follow your car’s maintenance schedule to prolong its life and get the most from your investment.

See if you pre-qualify and get a loan before you buy your next auto.

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Photo caption: Sammy Lee Davis, member since 2016, says keeping up with maintenance is important with any car he purchases. “You want it to last for years,” he adds.

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