Changing Scenery: Evaluate Risks Before Moving to a New Location

By Rick Klaw

| Photographs By Gregg Segal

Quincy Williams is chasing his big break. After success landing TV and movie roles, he’s looking to relocate to Los Angeles to ramp up his acting career.

But before he does, he’s considering the insurance risks of being a homeowner or renter there. “I need to learn about earthquake insurance,” Williams says.

Work and school proximity are key factors when relocating, but don’t forget to think about potential disasters that may affect your new home.

Homeowners insurance coverage covers many common disasters, but be aware earthquakes and floods require additional coverage. Call 800-531-8722 for a USAA quote on earthquake coverage.

These additional tips can help make sure you carry the right coverage.

1. Know your risk. Use our Property Risk Assessment Tool to determine risk from fire, flood and storm surge. Find it at

2. Understand your coverage. Visit to see what your policy includes and find tips for lowering your premiums.

3. Carry additional insurance. About 20% of all flood claims come from moderate- to low-risk areas, so weigh that risk. Get a quote at

4. Maintain your home. Good maintenance can mitigate your risks. See our year-round guide for pointers at

Find a real estate agent to help you with your next move.

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The USAA Property Risk Assessment Tool has been developed to provide you information regarding selected risks at a specific property location from third-party data available to USAA. It may help you to identify risks and possible mitigation measures. No opinion regarding the market value or marketability of the property is intended or expressed. No opinion or guarantee of insurability, or premium amount is intended or expressed.

Flood insurance is not underwritten by USAA or its affiliates. It is provided by USAA General Indemnity Company through an arrangement with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The federal government has financial responsibility for underwriting losses.

The typical homeowners policy doesn’t include flood coverage, and in some locations, you may also need to obtain a wind-only insurance policy. Flood insurance can be purchased separately through the National Flood Insurance Program. The maximum limits of coverage available on the federal flood policy for residences are $250,000 on the building and $100,000 on contents. If you need additional flood insurance coverage beyond these amounts, you can contact USAA Insurance Agency, which works with other insurance companies that provide excess flood coverage.

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