Making a Personal Connection

By Felicia Glenn

Senior wealth advisor Pressy Long spoke often enough with Marcia Barrett, an Indiana member, to know that she didn’t quite sound like herself during a conversation about her retirement account.  

“By this time, Mrs. Barrett and I had a real connection, and I knew her family was concerned about her health so I encouraged her to get checked out,” Long says.

It was a good call. Tests showed a cancerous tumor in one of Barrett’s kidneys.

Long stayed in touch throughout Barrett’s treatment, calling the day before surgery and during her hospital stay.

“We talked so much over that last year,” Barrett says. “Pressy was always so supportive of me — and my family too.”

Getting together

Long wanted to meet Barrett in person at the Veterans of Foreign Wars 2015 convention in Pittsburgh and encouraged her to stay strong and get through her treatment.

Her cancer was extensive, but thanks to a new procedure, the post-surgical recovery was faster than expected, allowing Barrett to attend the event. Once there, she immediately searched for the USAA booth.

Despite never sharing photos, the women instantly recognized one another.

Barrett calls Long her “other daughter” and sends cards from “your Indiana family.”

Caring about members is part of the job for Long.

“I always try to do everything I can for every member,” she says, “and in this case, it turned into something that seems to have made a difference in her life. I know it’s made a difference in mine. And we can’t wait to see each other in Charlotte at the 2016 convention.”