Brandy Edwards Works Tirelessly for a Member

By Sean M. Wood

Retired Tech. Sgt. John Tubert Jr. needed help.

When Tubert, a member since 2011, got a loan for his 2013 Chrysler 200, he also purchased a Debt Protection Plan. The protection covers up to 12 months of loan payments during financial difficulties, and Tubert needed the assistance, as he recently had been declared disabled due to his time in the service.

His claim had initially been denied because his doctor had not included the date of the disability in her paperwork.

That’s where senior member advocacy specialist Brandy Edwards comes in. “I always try to put myself in our members’ shoes,” she says.

After researching the matter and reviewing documentation with Tubert’s permission, Edwards began tracking down the date needed to trigger the claim. By then, what would normally seem like a minor clerical error was compounded by the amount of time passed and the physician’s departure from the original medical facility.

Edwards pressed on, first contacting the health center and then tracking down the attending doctor and nurse. When she finally got the date added to the appropriate form, Tubert was able to collect four months of loan payments dating back to his original claim date. He is also eligible to receive his remaining monthly payments until the full benefit is reached.

In a letter to USAA, Tubert wrote: “When (Edwards) called and informed me that we got four months of car payments approved, I was in my car with my wife. There are no words in the English language to describe the feeling and the thanks we felt. I told my sister that Brandy gave us a miracle.”

Edwards says she did what any other employee would have done in that situation.

“My heart went out to him when I heard the frustration in his voice, and I knew he needed my help,” she says. “I think we are all advocates for our members, and I’m grateful to have been able to really help a member in need.” 


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