Build It Right: 4 Home Improvement Projects Best Left to the Pros

MIKE HUDEK, owner of Chicago’s Del Mar Builders and a contractor with the Home Improvement Network available through USAA, sees do-it-yourself (DIY) disasters all the time¹.

Recently, he cleaned up after a homeowner tried to install flooring using the wrong tools, leaving all the cuts with rough edges. After flushing away $4,000 in supplies, the homeowner asked Hudek to undo 10 days’ worth of work and start fresh. 

While it’s tempting to tackle home improvement projects on your own — either to save money or because you have the time — they can easily spin out of control if you don’t have the experience and proper tools, experts warn.

“Home improvement shows make stuff look so easy — in and out, no big deal,” Hudek says. “It can turn into a real nightmare.”


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¹The Home Improvement Network is provided by the Crawford Contractor Connection. USAA is offering the Home Improvement Network as a service to members and is not responsible for the actions of the Crawford Contractor Connection or the work of the contractors.

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