With 6 Policies, One for Each Child, Dad Feels at Ease

Photographs By Matthew Rakola

LOSING A LOVED ONE is hard enough without the added financial strain of funeral costs. Retired Navy Cmdr. John Boulden learned this difficult lesson when his wife passed away last February. 

“I spent over $25,000 on funeral arrangements and burial fees,” says Boulden, 61, of Silver Spring, Maryland. “Luckily, we had term life insurance that helped cover those expenses.”

While securing his wife’s arrangements, Boulden realized that if one of his six children — ages 17 to 29 — died, he would have no insurance to help ease the financial burden.

“When USAA Life told me I could pay off policies for the kids in 20 years, buying whole life insurance was a no-brainer,” Boulden says.

Kenny Sutton, life insurance product management director with USAA, suggests parents purchase their children’s policies when they are adolescents.

“It will never be cheaper,” he says of the premium, which can cost less than $20 a month. Plus, Sutton says recipients are guaranteed multiple increases in coverage as their needs change.

Boulden says he’s now more at ease with his family’s extended coverage. “For me, it was important to make sure those I love are cared for.”

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Photography by Matthew Rakola



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